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Carbon Capture Utilisation Technology

New Carbon Fed Supply Chains

A patent technology, a knowledgeable founder, limited investment, a committed group, no working capital, no roadmap or strategy, and, importantly, no robust decision-making process. That would be a summary of our introduction to the opportunity.

We understood the passion, loved the technology, and could see potential, but it had significant pieces that needed to be included and headwinds ahead to successfully demonstrate commercial application.

To re-purpose CO2 before being released into the atmosphere into global demand valuable commodities, introducing new valuable carbon-fed supply chains at a lower cost of production, reducing scope 1,2 and 3 emissions with confirmation of a substantial addressable global market and a story that needed to be told was a significant opportunity.

With a tiered engagement structure, the early in-depth analysis and identification of what we had and didn’t have begun. Working closely with the founder, significant knowledge of the technology was ever present along with a small-scale pilot plant, but it became apparent that much work needed to be done to step forward.

Being handed the keys to the company, a series of time-framed strategies and roadmaps were created. One of the critical first steps was restructuring the company and its assets, capital restructuring, and small capital raise. Independent verification of the technology, transparent engagement with select stakeholders on where we were at and, importantly, where we were headed, implementation of digitisation to provide a foundation for establishing greater surety around the technology, the company, and just as importantly, the right team to deliver were some of the many projects delivered.

So, through stages of more in-depth documentation, critical path corporate and operational roadmaps, establishment and engagement of Board, engagement of key service providers, lobbying with state and federal governments, pre-feasibility, structuring and raising of capital investment, revamp of the narrative and storytelling, and more. The company is in the design and construct stage of its commercial demonstration plant – the final stage before global application.

The company achieved global recognition of its technology and the potential to demonstrate the economic value of re-purposing CO2 in late 2022.

A journey of just over two years has laid the foundation for a commercial-scale plant followed by global deployment, with a series of interested parties at the table to accelerate that path.

Feel free to contact us to know more…

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