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Stephen McGurk

Within GreenBox, Stephen is fulfilling his vision of transformative value in organisations that can make a meaningful contribution to the environment. Stephen drives the strategy and ensures selected businesses values are purposeful, aligned, and importantly, capable of contributing.

While managing GreenBox, Stephen is also a key advisor across transformative businesses from advisory services to capital structures


Founding Partner - Greenbox

Stephen started his professional career as a financial planner, where he learnt the importance of understanding the client before advising on strategies. Disillusioned with financial products that failed to deliver on their promise, Stephen was seconded to Australian Finance Group to build a financial planning division with Australia’s largest independent mortgage business. Stephen was instrumental in Macquarie Bank taking an equity stake in AFG.

Moving into Strategy, Stephen took on the position of Strategic Director of NAB Private, where he spearheaded the transformation of client engagement within the bank, resulting in NAB prioritizing this work to a key part of the national strategic plan. This also exposed him to both the inner working and pricing of the bank, as well as the ultra-high net worth clients. This experience drove Stephen to commence his own treasury operations M6 Treasury, where he exploited the daily intelligence of Australian Banks for the benefit of corporate deposits.

In 2012, Stephen commenced his own corporate advisory firm and facilitated transformative and commercial value to multiple organisations across the distributed ledger technologies, training and education, sequestration of carbon in agriculture, medicinal honey and carbon capture and utilisation technology.

Within GreenBox, Stephen sees a significant opportunity to leverage his vision of transformative value in organisations and make a meaningful contribution back to the planet.

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David Hicks

As a Founding Partner of GreenBox, David brings dedication, integrity, and accountability principles, integrating them with a team alignment of diversity, fairness, and enjoyment.

David has an in-depth commitment and passion for relationships, with nothing more
rewarding than enabling the transition of founders from an idea to early-stage strategy development through to fruition of a truly scalable and sustainable operation.


Founding Partner - Greenbox

Developing his communication, analytical, and forensic investigative skills over a period of nineteen years within the government sector, David entered the private sector in early 2000 and progressed across industry sectors of hospitality, financial planning, investment, and project development.

In 2012 there was a paradigm shift focusing on technology, training, agriculture
enhancement, carbon sequestration and utilisation. This also established strategic alignment with key industry and government stakeholders as a significant attribute David possesses, enabling business connection and accelerated growth to commercialisation.

Having a clear understanding of the challenges and pathways facing founders and established business owners, he is a driver for diversification, empowering others, value-add and creating outcomes aligned with wholistic growth and better environments.

Greenbox will continue the journey for David’s passion, enabling business transformation to sustainability and scalability.

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